Sloydpung - DIY Manual

Sloydpung - DIY Manual

Make your own Sloydpung!
A picture guide that takes you through step by step of how you sow your own Sloydpung with material you might already have at home. If not maybe a friend, a thrift store or in the garbage you might find the missing piece.
The whole Sloydpung is made of reused materials.
You will need a sowing machine, scissor, measering tape, sheets, old leather jacket/bag and plastic.
The PDF can be viewed in the computer or phone etc.
If you have any concerns please contact me.
Enjoy making your own Sloydpung and carve anywhere without making a mess :)

P. S
This is only for personal use.
Two Sloydpung per pattern bought.
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    File type is PDF and is compatible on most devices.

    By purchasing you agree not to share this guide publicly as it would make me sad. Honesty and respect. Much obliged good folks!

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